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Joshua Wilson-Perkin


I'm a photographer in Toronto, Ontario and I work with a variety of clients to produce high quality images and prints. When I’m not taking portraits, I’m typically planning a future trip, spending time with friends, or enjoying a nice sunset.

I have worked as a freelance photographer for Snapd community newspaper in Guelph, and more recently I’ve started my own portrait photography business here in Toronto. I have been passionate in long photography projects where I could push myself, and share my work on a consistent basis through social media. I continue to share a lot of my work on Instagram (@jwpphotography) so come follow along!

A little about me:

I became fascinated by photography at a young age, always watching how my Dad chose to document our family trips. Over time I was borrowing his camera more and more, until I purchased my very own point-and-shoot, a Sony DSC-H50. I experimented with this camera for a long time, taking thousands of photos and learning all I could. One image in particular, a long exposure nighttime shot at my cottage, turned out so well and truly inspired me to pursue this passion. Since then, I have upgraded my camera a few times and taken thousands more photos of all sorts of subjects. Most recently I've been in love with portraiture and the way it connects me with others.

I have had nearly 10 years to explore photography as a hobby, and I am so excited to now be developing it into a career.

July 2010

It all started with this image